About Me


Hey, it’s Erin. But you knew that.

I can tell you a little about myself and my story….
Starting with this, what I feel, is a giant picture of me. It took me a long time to be comfortable with volunteering to take a photo that I couldn’t control with a side angle duck face. Big cheeks, glasses, and rarely a good hair day, I realized that these are features that set me apart. I also have big teeth, thank you dad. But what I realise is that also means I have a big smile. Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves but that is what makes you you. I want to show you just how awesome you are.

Taking a look at my insecurities and understanding the help I needed when I was in front of the camera, I believe I have a good sense for when people are uncomfortable or need a little extra direction to help take a stellar picture. I’m also my mother’s daughter, my grandmother’s granddaughter, I like to take care of people. So not only am I going to try to make you laugh for an authentic smile, you can count on me to get you to eat something when you’re nervous before the ceremony, if you’re looking a little dehydrated, or even if it’s time to slow down taking pictures because you don’t want to look like you’ve had too much to drink in your party photos. Unless you’re cool with that then I’m game to get crazy!

In my personal life, I have a really great talent for binge watching shows that I have already watched in their entirety for the 10th time. If it isn’t Friends or The Office, then I watch Marvel movies, football, or when the Warriors are in the playoffs.
Kacey Musgraves is my angel and Eric Church is, well, my church. I pretty much listen to country music exclusively, but I just learned who Lizzo is so she has found her way into the playlist.
Not big on hiking but I love climbing on rocks, swimming in any body of water, exploring new restaurants, wineries, and dive bars, and going to a lot of country concerts.
I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years, again by no means am I great at it. I can’t do a headstand if you’re wondering. But it has given me a lot of guidance as I have been trying to navigate my life. The biggest lesson I have learned and I hope you can take something with you once you click away— awareness.

Awareness for good thoughts, good speech, and good intentions as we all try to work together in this thing we call life. You are worthy of everything you give to other people. Make sure to give some to yourself.