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There was a point in my life, literally about a week before I sat down to write this bio, where I had an epiphany. I had recently left my corporate job, I binge watched all seven seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks, caught up on all the sleeping in I missed out on while commuting, and definitely had about nine midlife crisis’s.

The epiphany. I changed my diet, I changed my routine, put on my working show Grey’s Anatomy, and I realized… I am a creator. I create words, paragraphs, stories, images, and little artsy fartsy things for my friends. Making things brings me joy. Taking pictures brings me joy. Connecting with people and places fill my emotional bucket.

I create things. I am an artist. I feel like I have a natural instinct for knowing how to make people feel comfortable in front of a camera and show me their real selves. I love to hear how much they love their photos, something that I helped make. These precious moments with amazing people brought me back from my short sabbatical, to move forward and keep creating magic moments.